Custom Guitars

Carruthers Guitars builds the finest custom guitars in the industry. Check out our guitar and bass pages as well as the galleries to see samples of our work and help you make decisions to get your own. John Carruthers has built guitars for artists and owners world-wide and is known for his impeccable engineering and elegant styling.

Instrument Repairs and Modifications Services

All guitars, basses and other stringed instruments are serviced at the Camarillo, CA facility. From expert setups, electronics repairs and modifications to any other imaginable instrument services, Carruthers Guitars' reputation is unequalled. Please stop by during normal business hours and we will check out your instruments and give you an estimate.

Tube Amplifier Repairs

We service vintage Fender and Marshall tube amplifiers. If it has tubes and it is broken, we can most likely repair it. Carruthers Guitars has oscilloscopes, tone generators, original tube testers, and advanced troubleshooting techniques.


John Carruthers is the premiere guitar builder in the industry, and many manufacturers have sought his expertise and manufacturing capabilities for 50 years. By appointment, John Carruthers will help any company design, improve existing designs, assist in the manufacturing process, and even manufacture your products with Carruthers Guitars' own Haas CNC. Call John Carruthers to set up an appointment for your consulting and manufacturing needs. John has consulted and manufactured for Fender and its subsidiaries, Ibanez, Yamaha, Dairy Rock, Asher, Eterna, Traveler Guitars, and countless others with great success.

  • Phone Number: 805-482-9696
  • Shop Hours: 10AM - 5PM Tuesday to Saturday (Closed on U.S. Holidays)
  • Address: 4700 Calle Carga Camarillo, California 93012
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